Vietnam Mentors Initiative (VMI) is an effort following the open discussion among mentoring programs and ecosystem actors -those offer mentoring services to entrepreneurs and startups - in November 2016. VMI is supported by Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) and Swiss Entrepreneurship Program (SwissEP).

Develop mentoring capacity

VMI focuses on building capacity for organization members. VMI builds mentoring capacity by providing mentors and to-be mentors with zero-cost training courses. Participants of the courses just have to commit to provide a certain amount of time in a year to deliver voluntary mentorship to entrepreneurs and startup founders introduced by organization members of VMI. Different courses will be designed to meet different levels of mentors’ experience.

Build a mentor community

VMI builds a mentor community by sharing and leveraging resources among organization members such as mentorship manuals, mentorship skill materials, joint mentorship programs, mentor lists, and the likes.

Honor mentors

VMI honors mentors in the ways that are well acknowledged by the startup ecosystem and the public audience, and give the mentors chances to upgrade the personal skills as well as business competence.